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In spite of seeing every dog as potentially “mine” I continue to struggle with temptation and try to make the best choices for the dog, other dogs in my home and myself. Meanwhile they all have much to teach me.

The last 10 dogs I adopted came as fosters. I found different reasons for keeping each one. Cowboy came to  me immediately after my husband’s passing. Ed was a big Dallas Cowboys fan and so the name of this dog seemed a sign. Also, I had 6 female dogs, including fosters, at the time and they all went crazy over him like he was a rock star! That was 11 years ago and now he is at least 14 and near the end of his life. I’m so glad he came into my life and stayed.

Cowboy on the day I got him in 2013.

I think about favorite fosters that I wanted to keep but resisted. I loved Barkley but cannot offer a pup the active life he needs. I appreciate that his family stays in touch and shares photos of him with his dog and cat friends. I sure was tempted to keep him.

My current foster Sheba came the end of December. She is shy and doesn’t make any trouble. Sadie is not welcoming but Sheba is handling it well, mostly staying out of the way. Sadie does not realize that Cowboy and Dixie won’t be here much longer. Maybe she would enjoy being friends with Sheba? Naturally people are not lined up to adopt this 6 y.o. mixed-breed dog who is just trying to get along. If she and Sadie become friends she will stay and be “mine”.