Bro & Tracy’s Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinics

Bro and Tracy’s Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic is now in operation!

In order for every pet to have a home and family it is necessary to reduce the numbers of animals that continue to be born in horrific numbers. Achieving that requires education and making affordable spay and neuter available to everyone.

Many people in NM, as well as throughout the country, don’t have the money and may even not have the means to transport their animals to vet clinics.  There are still those who don’t understand the importance of spay/neuter but many more are learning and willing to do it if they have the means. It is our intention to make it a lot easier by taking spay/neuter clinics to them.

Bro & Tracy Animal Welfare has purchased a truck and trailer converted into an operating room equipped for spay/neuter surgeries. We will have clinics on weekends in different areas as often as possible. Our immediate focus is western NM but we are not limited to one place.  On average about 75 dogs and cats will be sterilized during each two-day clinic. Licensed veterinarians from Albuquerque and other nearby places will work with us and be paid. We estimate the costs to be about $4000 per clinic. Owners will be asked to pay what they can but we expect very little income from them.

We are able to begin this important project because of a bequest from animal lover and longtime friend Betsy Bell. We are excited about the opportunity to do this and appreciate that she made this possible.  We will hold her memory in our hearts as we work for the animals. The support we are receiving from other non-profit organizations and individuals not only gives us the necessary funds but also demonstrates that we are all in this fight together. Generous grants and donations from the Dennis Foundation, PAWS, RezDawg Rescue and EnchantMutts have kept us going.

We held successful clinics in Pine Hill, NM in 2018, spaying and neutering many dogs and cats from the reservation area where there are no nearby veterinary clinics. This year we have been able to have clinics in Los Lunas, Edgewood, Mountainair, Roswell and Cuba in addition to more in Pine Hill.

We appreciate all donations that keep this important service operating for the communities. Please send donations to Bro & Tracy at POB 404, Corrales 87048.

For information about our spay/neuter work contact Joyce, 505-463-4553, or Sena, (505) 353-0193,

November 2019

Click here to see photos for some of our recent clinics.