Phoebe Sierra

Phoebe,  came to our family this summer and she has filled  our hearts with great joy and happiness from the start.   Upon our first meeting, Phoebe came up to me and hugged me with her paws while staring into my soul with her wild and sincere eyes. I knew we had a connection, but I had to wait for the completion of a thorough screening process, as well as testing to ensure she would not be exposed to any viral remnants left by the little puppy I had lost. Plus, we had to pass the intense screening by Joyce, the director of Bro & Tracy Animal Welfare.

It was worth the wait, Phoebe absorbed into our family like she had been there from the start. My eldest daughter, Tess, has a disability as a result of severe uncontrollable seizures leaving her with frontal lobe brain damage. Phoebe was quick to assume a therapy role when she observed situations that needed de-escalation and/or reassurance. Tess can on occasion have frustrations causing her to have difficulties with self regulation of her behavior and moods, Phoebe will just lay her head on her lap and patiently wait for Tess to relax, she has been a blessing for our family.  

My younger daughter has two preschoolers, and Phoebe’s role with them is present in her moniker, Nana (from Peter Pan) because she frequently sits near them while they play. Phoebe has also established meaningful relationships with my two other dogs. The neighborhood children enjoy Phoebe and will invite her to the playground with them.  

Phoebe, is a soulful dog, she has brought a warmth to our entire immediate and extended family. We feel blessed to have her in our family, there is something very special and spiritual  about this dog, she is unique, and excudes tranquility and peace and calm. Tess call’s Phoebe a DOG ANGEL.  I agree. 

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