Adoptable Animals

This handsome boy is Brody.  He is about a year old.  He is good with people and other dogs.  He is fully vetted and ready to join your family.  Please consider adopting or fostering him.  Right now he is living In a boarding facility and needs to have room to run.  For more information, contact Barbara at


Trey is a female, spayed, 1 1/2 years, 45 pounds in need of rehoming.  She is affectionate, not needy, very playful, intuitive and unafraid.  She attended puppy intro to agility and acted like she had seen and done all the elements before, no fear or hesitation. She loves being a member of a pack and would do best in a home with another assertive, playful dog.  She is very gentle with young puppies and tolerates older pups climbing over her.  She was adopted from the Santa Fe Shelter last spring.  Her history is that she was a very difficult to catch street dog; she survived parvo in the shelter and she is vary of men initially but warms up to them when they are kind to her.  She sleeps in a wire kennel at night and spends most of her days outside.  If it is too hot or too cold, all the dogs are allowed into the house.  Her best situation would be with a family that has a young dog for her to play with. She still steals my work gloves if I am careless but doesn’t chew them anymore. All-in-all a wonderful temperament. For more information contact Diana ‭(505) 263-4191‬

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