Private Rescue, Rehome and Other Rescues

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Hershey, also known as Louie, is now about 10 months old. The puppy picture on the right was taken in March.

He was found with a kitten abandoned in a house whose occupants had gone. The good samaritan family who took them in found an adopter for the kitty but not for him. They thought they would keep him but now he is too big for the chihuahuas who are afraid of him even though he just wants to play. He is friendly and walks well on leash.

Bear is an amazing ~5 year old, neutered, male Aussie. 

Bear’s story: Bear was adopted by a man who apparently dumped him off with his elderly mother in Tierra Amarilla. The mom was soon moved to a dementia ward and Bear was left behind on the property with no one to care for him. Two local women took turns bringing food by when they could, just because they noticed Bear and figured that he had been abandoned. Bear lived on the property at the abandoned house in this manner for 3 years with no person! Heartbreaking! I’ve been in touch with one of his angel caretakers and she has filled in many of the blanks and answered a lot of questions. She said that someone finally moved into the house, but didn’t want to deal with him so called animal control. They caught him and took him to the shelter, where he had been for a month before we found him.

Because of his history of fending mostly for himself and hunting for much of his food, he has a highly developed prey drive. We have hired a professional trainer to work with us a but the match is far from ideal with our two cats and our daughter’s big flock of hand raised, beloved chickens. Bear can never be off lead in the back yard – only in the horse field after we are sure it’s chicken free, and only with supervision. So far Bear has learned to takes walks and hikes on lead (when he first came home he collapsed whenever a lead was clipped on), and he is crate trained for moderate time periods. Last week he started to play and is SO animated and funny! He is also getting along better with our two female Pyrenees. 

Bear deserves a life with more freedom, and a safe backyard where he will not get in trouble with smaller animals. He’s not great with other dogs, although females are better than males and I think he could learn to get along with a female dog with training and supervision. It would be best if there were no cats, although he does well with our big male cat indoors, just not outdoors. He is indifferent to our neighbor’s horse who lives with us so should be fine on a horse property. But he absolutely can NOT live with chickens. An active, outdoorsy family who is around a lot of the time and has a large, well fenced back yard would be ideal. His new family will need to continue with his training. He LOVES to hike, and does fine in the vehicle. He’d be a great running partner, or an adventure companion. He loveskids and has bonded deeply with our family. With his desire to please, his high intellect, and impressive speed, Bear would excel at agility training!

He is a true delight, and recovering from a rough past. With a lot of love, patience, and professional training, he has made huge strides over the 4 weeks he’s lived with us. Anyone who takes Bear into their hearts and home will be lucky indeed. He is a true treasure! We will miss him tremendously!

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