May 2017

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Pickles is about 2 years old and weighs 40 lbs. Animal Humane said he came from Chama and that's all they knew. He has had all of his vaccinations, including boosters needed at this time. He is neutered.

Pickles is a very loving dog. He loves belly rubs. He loves people and is good with our small dog and puppy. He is very smart and high energy. It appears that he can be stubborn or self-willed too. He is house-trained. He is really good with commands sit, focus, and stay most of the time. He has not had a lot of training so far but when he wants to do it, he's awesome. He has not had much leash training.

Pickles is really good in his crate and sleeps there at night with no problem.

Pickles is relatively quiet and only barks around other dogs and when he hears other dogs barking.

Our main issue with him is that he has a very strong chase instinct toward our 4 cats.

In our opinion, he needs a home without cats. The right home for Pickles will be one with an owner who has patience and is willing and able to spend a lot of time training him and exercising him. A home with one or two adults or older children would be good. We have no idea how he is around children younger than teens.


Pickles is a beautiful and loving dog. We want him to have a home where he will thrive and be loved.

Please contact Renée at 505-328-7752



Bones is a happy vigorous 10 yr old neutered male bloodhound who needs an adoring family. He was abandoned in southern NM, sick, injured and starving. His rescuer treated his illness, put on 15 lbs, updated his vaccinations and heartworm prevention. He has recovered beautifully, now neutered and showered with affection, returning the favor with never once soiling in the house, tolerating a yappy 6 lb housemate. He prefers couches and laps to fancy dogbeds. Because he was starved, food is precious to Bones and should be fed separately from others. He would love a bit of yard and a LOT of companionship. A delightful character.

Telephone 903-286-8031
Bones is in Albuquerque.