Sabrina and Lena together on Cannon Beach in Oregon from 2006
August 27, 1993 – March 3, 2008
("Dont cry that it's over. Smile that it happened.")

The memories flow through me
Like the rush of a warm summer breeze

I still remember the day we brought you home so vividly
It seems like only yesterday

I can still hear you barking wildly in our Albuquerque backyard
Scolding hot air balloonists who dared to fly overhead

I can still see you asleep
On your favorite chair in our living room

I can still feel the scratch of your paw on my leg
When you wanted to play

The sound of your bowl clinking on the kitchen floor
As you gulped down your favorite scraps of people food

I can still picture you racing up and down the stairs in excitement
When we pulled your leash from the closet

And I will never forget the unconditional love
You brought into our home - and into our hearts

Thank you Lena
For so many wonderful years

Thank you for the joy you brought us
And the comfort you provided us

And most of all - thank you for reminding us of what an honor it is
To bring a dog into your home….and into your life.

Go peacefully my sweet girl
We will never forget you

PS Please say hello to Zack for us
  Joe and Zack

Letter To A Friend
An open letter to all dog lovers - everyone who has a passion for the beauty and innocence of these incredible animals.

As I write this letter from my office at home, my 16 year old dog, an American Eskimo named Zack, is upstairs, asleep. The vet is coming over in two hours to take away his pain. It is one of the most difficult decision I've ever had to make.
I'm not sure why I'm writing to you. Perhaps, knowing your love for dogs, I feel a kindred spirit. Perhaps, I just need to write to take my mind off what happens beyond the next two hours. Most likely, it's a little of both.
The idea that I will wake up tomorrow for the first time in 16 years and not see his face, is almost impossible to believe. He has been there for me through the best and the worst of times. He saw me get married. He met me at the door when I brought my two kids home from the hospital. He has watched me go off to work and waited for me to come home every day, wagging his tail as I walked in as if we hadn't seen each other in years. He has been loyal and has filled our home and our lives with unconditional love. Saying goodbye won't be easy.
The problem is, he has end stage renal failure. He hid it well for months. Oh sure, there were a few accidents here and there, but we thought it was just old age...losing control of his bladder. His blood work six months ago was perfect. I had no idea he was dying.
The decline over the past week has been stunning. He can no longer eat, barely drinks and I have to carry him everywhere. I would gladly carry him every day for the rest of his life if I thought he still had a life to live, but I now regrettably understand the dog I knew is gone. He has to hate his life now and I can't bear to see him suffer another day. The docs tell me he won't get better....only worse.
Dogs are such a precious gift. Something to be treasured. I will miss him deeply. I miss him already.

How the days dragged on
How the years flew by
Now the moment has come
For our tearful goodbye

Where do I start
What do I say
16 sweet years
But you're leaving today

My heart aches, my eyes swell
How heavy the cost
Without you beside me
I fear I'll be lost

I took you for granted
In so many ways
Ignored you for hours
On too many days

But you never wavered
Your love remained true
I pray you now know
Just how much I love you

And now gentle friend
Close your eyes and be free
Your heart will forever
Beat inside of me.

- Joe Furia


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