10/31/95 - 12/31/07

Loki's passions were biting Kylie's leg while Kylie chased Cody or Kona around the yard, rolling on Rich's stinky shoes, eating treats, going for walks, and barking while the other dogs played. Although he was short in stature, he had a huge joyful spirit--I often wished we could bottle and distribute Loki's love of life.

Rich found Loki at the bend of Sagebrush Drive, between Corrales Rd. & Loma Larga, when Loki was about 5 weeks old. Someone had dumped a litter of pups; Loki was so small that Rich could hold him in his palm. At that point we crazy Hoffmans had three dogs, and Deb thought four would be too many. (Ha!) We therefore kept Loki for the "weekend"--which lasted 12 years.

Loki was an extremely rare breed--a Champagne Corbador. Some Great Pyrenees fanciers thought he might be a dwarf Pyrenees, but Champagne Corbador sounded much better. The "cor" was for corgi, and the "bador" for labrador, since Loki's gorgeous coat repelled water and snow, much like a water dog's.

He joins his keeshond sister Keko, and feline brother Armand. He is survived by Deb, Rich, Cody, Kylie, Rusty, Marco, Kona and Lilikoi.

We miss him.

December 25, 1990 - March 11, 2006
Fifteen years of keeshond glory

You are always in our hearts, beloved friend

Mom & Dad (aka Deborah & Rich)
the Hoffman pack: Cody, Kylie, Loki, Rusty, Marco, Armand the feline and scores of other relatives & admirers


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