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Community Assistance Program
P.O. Box 1580, Edgewood, NM 87015
(505) 286-4518 Ext 4  Fax (505) 286-4519

To Whom It May Concern:

The Community Assistance Program is a non-profit group affiliated with Bro & Tracy Animal Welfare INC. with a permanent 501C3 status.  Bro & Tracy has been established for over 7 years. The Community Assistance Program also known as C.A.P provides citizens in New Mexico with financial assistance or low cost spays and neuters for their pets.  This program was designed to help reduce the euthanasia of thousands of dogs and cats euthanized in New Mexico animal shelters every year.   CAP also Fosters and facilitates Adoption of homeless Pets.  The CAP also provides Disaster Animal Rescue and Relief through the K.A.R.E. Fund, as well as Canine Behavioral Counseling.

There is no jurisdiction for the applicants that apply for assistance because if they qualify for the assistance due to the income level for their family or if they are already receiving government assistance such as Food Stamps, Social Security Disability, Unemployment Benefits, or Student Financial Aid then they will automatically be able to take advantage of the program regardless of the location of their home.  The Community Assistance Program has already helped hundreds of people in spaying their pets, some as far away as Corona and Mountainair.  CAP has secured the services of a local veterinarian that has agreed to reduce the rates normally charged to anyone that was qualified through our program.  This works well as the applicants are issued a qualification certificate that is presented to the Veterinarian on the date of the sterilization.  The rates range between $15.00 and $60.00 depending on the procedure. 

After returning home from New Orleans, one of the New Mexico team members suddenly passed away.  The CAP has started the Kennett Animal Rescue and Recovery Effort Fund in his memory to assist Animals with medical needs as well as assist with future Rescue Efforts for Animals.

We are currently looking for financial support from Municipalities, Businesses and Citizens interested in making a difference in their communities for the animals.  Our status of Non-Profit allows any donations made to be tax deductible. 

Victoria L. Murphy
Community Assistance Program Manager



Program Manager

Vicki Lenderman



Advisory Board

Bro and Tracy Animal

Welfare, Inc.


Spay and Neuter Program

Vicki Lenderman

Alysha Lenderma


Foster Care and Adoption

Vicki Lenderman

Alysha Lenderman


Canine Counselor

Cameron Murphy


Kennett Animal Rescue

Efforts Fund (K.A.R.E.)

Tanya Lenderman



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